Lane Estate, Nissequogue NY

I visited this private home turned Designer Show House today, June 12, 2008. It turns out this lovely estate is for sale and many interior pictures are on display.

Lane Estate

This Mansion was originally built as a shingle style home in 1860 for William Matheson. Originally, it was closer to the water. Several owners later, in 1914, James Lane bought the house and had it moved to its present location. At one time it was known as “Suffolk House”

Lane Estate and gardens

Mr. Lane hired Arthur Little, a Boston architect, to transform the house to the Greek Revival style it still is today. At the same time, the Lanes retained Elsie de Wolfe to decorate the interior living spaces.

Conservatory and Sleeping porch

This view shows the conservatory and sleeping porch as seen from the garden. The conservatory was designed by Elsie de Wolfe. Several pieces of Elsie’s work are still visible in this lovely estate.

Garden Urn

An urn in the garden. The show house showcased landscape designers as well as interior designers.

Garden Fountain 1

One of several fountains in the garden.

Garden Wall

This wall was created when the house was moved in 1914. It is said that is was created with stone excavated from the NYC Subway system. It creates a lovely container for the garden.

Garden Wall From Veranda

The 1914 garden wall as viewed from the veranda.


Information for this page is found in the “2008 Designer Show House – An Elsie de Wolfe Masterpiece” Booklet given with paid admission. p.5


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