Orchard Hill, Old Westbury, NY

On June 22, 2008 I attended the Orchard Hill Designer Show House at Old Westbury Gardens.

Orchard Hill 6

Front entrance to Orchard Hill.

This house was built in 1860 for John and Caroline Hicks as an “A.J. Downing style country home.” Sometime between 1907 and 1930, John Phipps bought the land and house from the estate of John Hicks and had the house moved to its present location. John Phipps gave the house to his daughter, Peggie Phipps Boegner in 1930, for her wedding present. Peggie lived there for 76 years. She passed away at the age of 99 in 2006.

Orchard Hill 1

Another view of the main entrance.

Orchard Hill Conservatory

A view of the back of the house and conservatory.

Orchard Hill Allee

The view out the back door of Orchard Hill – down the allee.

Garden Walk Orchard Hill

The garden path to the guest cottage.

Cottage at Orchard Hill

The guest cottage – view from the patio. The interior design was charming!

Patio at Orchard Hill

The patio for the guest cottage.

Flowers at Orchard Hill

Flowers in the garden.


Information on this page is from the “The Orchard Hill Designer Showhouse at Old Westbury Gardens” booklet, provided with admission to the show. P. 14, 17, 18.



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6 responses to “Orchard Hill, Old Westbury, NY

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  2. I am very excited to learn that there will be another designer showcase at Orchard Hill beginning this October 2010. I didn’t hear about the first one until it was too late. I will certainly be attending this one! I am a huge admirer of Old Westbury Gardens and the Phipps family. I had seen Mrs. Boegner on the ground numerous times and I am THRILLED at the opportunity to see where she lived.

    • The Orchard Hill Designer show house was back in October of 2008. There is a Designer Show House at Caumsett until October 17, 2010 and another Show House at Mill Neck Manor in November 2010.

      • Thanks Diane for letting me know bout the other 2 designer show houses! Very exciting! I just love seeing all the creative ideas. They are having another design showcase at Orchard House starting October 30th – December 12 2010. I’m especially excited about that because of my admiration of Peggie Phipps Boegner.

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  4. Thanks for this wonderful post! It has been very useful. I wish that you’ll carry on sharing your wisdom with us.

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