Idle Hour, Oakdale, NY

This beautiful mansion is now the home of Dowling College.  It was built for William K Vanderbilt I and designed by Richard Howland Hunt  between 1900-1904.  This is the second mansion on this site.  The first Mansion burnt down in 1899.

Idle Hour Front Entrance

Idle Hour Front Entrance

Lighting Fixture

Lighting Fixture

North Side of Idle Hour

North Side of Idle Hour

The mansion is now known as Fortunoff Hall.

Please visit my other Website  for more information and photos of
Idle Hour on the South Shore History Site.  You can also visit my Flickr site.

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One response to “Idle Hour, Oakdale, NY

  1. Mrs Corey L Ross

    I am an avid lover of the fine Arts and
    I love architecture of the Edwardian era,the intricute fluted designs of Old English Tudor
    Homes,the diamond pane lead stainglass windows
    and mahogany staircase bannisters and the wooden ceiling beams.
    If the economy every improves I would love
    to put a downpayment on a town house in the
    artists Colony Condominium Complex in Idlehour
    In Oakdale NY.
    I took a course in Drug and Alcohol Awareness two years ago,and the buildings that Dowling
    College are housed in are magnificant.

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