Callender House (Clarkson Estate), Bayville NY

When I was growing up I passed this building with some regularity, and I always wondered about it.  I still do.  I believe it once served as Oyster Bay Hospital.  Now, it is residential housing for United Cerebral Palsy.   Originally built circa 1903, this house has beautiful views of the Long Island Sound.

Clarkson Estate House

Front Entrance 1

Over Entrance Detail

Front Entrance Plaque

Jones Manor on the Sound shares the estate with UCP.  They are located in the Carriage House.

Jones Manor on the Sound



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3 responses to “Callender House (Clarkson Estate), Bayville NY

  1. Old(former) Long Islander

    I believe the estate was originally owned by Peter W. Rouss. I’m not sure whether or not the Clarksons ever owned Calendar House, but I do know that they owned the estate that once existed immediately to the west of it. Rouss regularly commuted from Bayville to NYC in his steam yachts (Winchester I-IV) between 1907 and 1927. Bob MacKay of SPLIA could probably confirm this as he may be directly related to Rouss but is a cousin of Rouss’s great grand children.

  2. Respect on another guide that is well written. Give yourself a pat on the back!

  3. Concerned

    Can anyone tell me who Estelle Rouss was? I think she was connected to the estate in some way. Thank you.

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