Sunnyside, Tarrytown NY

Sunnyside Exterior 3

Sunnyside Exterior 3

Sunnyside is Washington Irving’s gothic-romantic style cottage on the Hudson River.  Irving bought the property and house in 1835 and made some renovations to it – including adding this tower wing.

Tower Detail

Tower Detail

Path to Sunnyside, Hudson River and RR Tracks 1

Path to Sunnyside, Hudson River and RR Tracks 1

It is amazing how close the house is to the Hudson.  Some time after Irving purchased the property the New York Central Railroad came through his property.  Ruining the bucolic setting.

Porch Gingerbread

Porch Gingerbread

Although, you can still get a feeling for the romantic nature of the grounds.

Wisteria Vine

Wisteria Vine

This wisteria covers the building.  Today the property is owned by Historic Hudson Valley, and it is open for tours.

For more photos of Sunnyside, check out my Flickr page.



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