Lyndhurst Castle – Tarrytown, NY

Lyndhurst Castle 6

Lyndhurst Castle 6

Lyndhurst was designed by architect Alexander Jackson Davis in the gothic revival style in 1842.  In 1864, Lyndhurst’s owner hired Davis to more than double its size.

Lyndhurst 4

Lyndhurst 4

In 1880 Jay Gould purchased the estate and renamed it Lyndhurst.

Front Entrance

Front Entrance

Gould added the large, gothic style greenhouse designed by the firm of Lord and Burnham; its cast-iron structure still stands.

Lord and Burnham Greenhouse

Lord and Burnham Greenhouse

Today Lyndhurst is owned by Historic Hudson Valley and is open for tours.

To see more photos of Lyndhurst, visit my Flickr site.



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4 responses to “Lyndhurst Castle – Tarrytown, NY

  1. Tommy Owen

    I am wanting to know are you’ll reproducing any of the Lyndhurst items like china furniture to the general public?

  2. ERIC B

    Wasn’t Lyndhurst used for the exterior shots of Collinwood, the primary setting for the old ABC daytime television serial “Dark Shadows,” and its motion picture sequels?

    • Louis

      Eric: Don’t remember it being used for the series, unless it was in its later seasons. It definitely was used, though, for the movie.

  3. Louis

    Oh, forgot to say, I believe the interiors were also used, and the old decrepit swimming pool. (It’s been decades since I saw the movie, so my memory is hazy on those points.)

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