Mark Twain House, Hartford CT

This is one of my favorite Victorian homes to visit.

Front of Mark Twain House

Front of Mark Twain House


The house was built for Mark Twain’s  (AKA: Samuel Clemens) Family in 1874.  It was designed by the architects Edward T. Potter and Alfred H. Thorp.  At the time it was built it was called one of the “oddest looking buildings in the State ever designed for dwelling.”  (Hartford Daily Times, March 23, 1874)

Balcony 2

Balcony 2


I love all the details of the facade – the stickwork,

Chimney Detail

CHimney Detail

The brickwork

Porch Woodwork

Porch Woodwork

The woodwork…



The Conservatory….


Most of all, I love the interiors by Louis C Tiffany and Candace Wheeler – I cant show them here, but they are not to be missed!

View from Visitor's Center

View from Visitor's Center

For more photos of the Mark Twain House visit my Flickr site.


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