Wakehurst, Newport RI



Wakehurst was built in 1884 for James J. Van Allen. He employed Architects Charles Kempe and Dudley Newton to build this house, based on a manor house known as “Wakehurst Place” in Kew Gardens, Sussex, England.

Kempe's Stained Glass

Kempe’s Stained Glass

Kempe was a stained glass artist by trade and in addition to the house plans, he designed the stained glass windows inside of Wakehurst.  These windows can still be seen today, as the building serves as the student center for Salve Regina University.

One of the Rooms in the Student Center

One of the Rooms in the Student Center

Interior details

Interior details

The University’s library sits at the opposite end of Wakehurst’s garden, a modern structure inspired by Wakehurst’s gables.

Salve Regina's Library

Salve Regina’s Library

Click here to see more of my Wakehurst photos.


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  1. This is amayzing. Thanks for sharing!

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