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William Floyd Estate, Mastic NY

Front of William Floyd EstateOn May 29, 2008 I visited this wonderful estate for the first time. I was with a group of librarians from RASD, a division of the Suffolk County Library Association.

RASD Members walking to Floyd Estate

This home was built in 1718 and added onto many times over the years. This is one wing, visible from the back of the house, with many room additions made to it through the years.

Back View - many room add-ons visible

This is another wing, with many room additions visible. This wing is also off the rear of the house.

Back View- another wing of room add-ons

Revolutionary War general and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, William Floyd, was born in this house in 1734. The house remained in the Floyd family until 1976. For more house history see the National Park Service website.

Inside the Tool Shed

Back behind the Floyd Estate there are a number of farm accessory buildings. This is what the inside of the tool shed looks like. And this is the view from the door of the tool shed.

View thru tool shed door

This is what the inside of the ice house looked like.

Inside the Ice House


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