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White Eagle / Templeton / De Seversky Center, Old Westbury NY

This beautiful house was designed in the Neo Federal style by the architects Carrere and Hastings in 1916 for Alfred I . du Pont. At that time it was known as “White Eagle.” In 1923 the Frederick Guest family bought it and called it “Templeton.” It now serves as the De Seversky Conference Center for the New York Institute of Technology.

East Facade Templeton

The east facade is the view of the house you see from the approaching driveway. Here is what the front or south facade looks like.

South Facade with Main Entrance

North Facade

This building has extraordinary architectural details on it. Here are a few of my favorites:

Detail North Facade

I wonder if these niches ever housed sculptures?

Arches over Windows

Detail near roof

Of course my favorite details are on the east facade:

Detail East Facade

East Facade Colonnade

The colonnade is wonderful!

The landscape plan and the architecture of this house blend together perfectly. I love the Linden Tree allees on the south side of the house.

Linden Tree Allee

Here is one of my favorite photos:

Garden Wall Detail

Here is another:

Garden Fountain

For more photos of Templeton, including some interior shots, please visit my Flickr site.

Last year I visited and blogged about another one of Alfred I. du Pont’s Residences.


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Old Westbury Gardens, Old Westbury, NY

On June 22, 2008 I also visited the Main House at Old Westbury Gardens.

Entrance to Old Westbury House

The front entrance (North Side) to Westbury House.

South Facade Old Westbury House

The back of the house (South Side), facing the gardens.

Sphynx on South Terrace

A sphinx (one of a pair) on the South Terrace.

South Terrace

The South Terrace – just beautiful!

Old Westbury House from the Side

The West side of the house.

Looking Down the South Allee

Looking Down the South Allee…….

Silver Garden

The Silver garden.

Boxwood Garden

The Boxwood Garden.

Thatched Cottage

The Thatched Cottage, a playhouse for the Phipps children.

Rose Garden Path

The Rose Garden path.

Walled Garden Gate

The entrance gate to the walled garden.

The next few pictures are from inside the Walled Garden – one of my favorite places to visit.

Looking into the Walled Garden

Pergola and Lily Pond

Pergola in Walled Garden

Fountain in Walled Garden

Looking down Allee from Walled Garden

Looking down the East Allee from the Walled Garden.

On the grounds of Old Westbury Gardens is another estate: Orchard Hill.


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Orchard Hill, Old Westbury, NY

On June 22, 2008 I attended the Orchard Hill Designer Show House at Old Westbury Gardens.

Orchard Hill 6

Front entrance to Orchard Hill.

This house was built in 1860 for John and Caroline Hicks as an “A.J. Downing style country home.” Sometime between 1907 and 1930, John Phipps bought the land and house from the estate of John Hicks and had the house moved to its present location. John Phipps gave the house to his daughter, Peggie Phipps Boegner in 1930, for her wedding present. Peggie lived there for 76 years. She passed away at the age of 99 in 2006.

Orchard Hill 1

Another view of the main entrance.

Orchard Hill Conservatory

A view of the back of the house and conservatory.

Orchard Hill Allee

The view out the back door of Orchard Hill – down the allee.

Garden Walk Orchard Hill

The garden path to the guest cottage.

Cottage at Orchard Hill

The guest cottage – view from the patio. The interior design was charming!

Patio at Orchard Hill

The patio for the guest cottage.

Flowers at Orchard Hill

Flowers in the garden.


Information on this page is from the “The Orchard Hill Designer Showhouse at Old Westbury Gardens” booklet, provided with admission to the show. P. 14, 17, 18.


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